Canasta Games

Canasta games are fun and challenging, and Canasta games are a great alternative to other rummy games. The only problem is finding other players. Canasta is just not that popular. In fact, it is more than likely that your friends have never played the game, nor would they even know how to play if you talked them into it.

Online Canasta Games

One option is to go find Canasta games online. You can play against humans from all over the world. Humans that like Canasta games, have played, and definitely know the rules. They are also possibly people  who are very familiar with the game and have a lot of experience with it. If you want to get some experience with the game before tackling some of those players, have no fear. You can download several different Canasta games, try them out, perfect your strategy and then beat any online Canasta games players who challenge you.

Card Master by Computer Idea Enterprises, LLC via Terragame (

Card Master is a downloadable piece of computer software offered on The software features a tremendous array of different computerized card games including Canasta games, Whist, Spades, and War as well as games that you may have never heard of like Fan Tan, Knaves, Spite and Malice, and Zetema. This makes it tremendously entertaining card game software that can let you increase your experience with a huge number of games.

There are two types of play in Card Master, against the computer and online. This means that you can get better at Canasta games, get the experience you need, and then go after the challenge of a human player all from the same software. That’s the nice part. The not so nice part is that Card Master has a fee associated with it. You can download the trial version of the software, but the full version costs money (as does online play), though licensing the software earns you two months of additional online play.

Canasta by MeggieSoft Games via Free Download Center(

As far as Canasta games downloads go, Canasta by MeggieSoft Games is definitely one of the best. This game, which has a free trial download and a fee-based fully licensed version, is two-player variation of Canasta which, according to its host site, Free Downloads Center, supports both the Classic and American version of the game. It is nice that the software supports both rules so that users of the software can play their favorite Canasta games. Even better, the game offers deeper customization options as both rules and scoring can be customized to your exacting standards.

If you are trying to get good at the game, Canasta by MeggieSoft games is the right software for you. This is because the computer has six different skill levels. If you have never played Canasta games before, you can start as a total newbie and slowly increase the difficulty level until you are ready to go head-to-head against a live opponent. Also nice is that fact that Canasta by MeggieSoft games gives you the option to play against humans using their software. Unlike Card Master, this feature does not cost.

Canasta via IT Shareware


Canasta is another Windows download that allows you to play Canasta games. There is a free trial version which lets you play more than enough of the games to make sure that you enjoy the game and like how it plays. As far as Canasta downloads goes, this one has some real promise and has a publisher that has had several major revisions to keep the software current and to meet user demand.

The makers of the game point out two features of the software which make it an attractive piece of software for Canasta games. The first are the extensive help files which make the game easy for new gamers and for veterans who want to get more immersed in Canasta games strategy. The second feature the publishers are proud of is the upgraded graphics, which they mention have been updated and improved several times. This is a real plus amongst Canasta games, which are just not that attractive.

Canasta for Windows (

Canasta for Windows is a downloadable free Canasta game from a website dedicated to getting people to play Canasta games. There are rules on the site, how-tos, etc. along with the software, which features a time-limited full trial that can be purchased for a decent price.

As far as how Canasta by MeggieSoft games compares to other downloadable Canasta games, Canasta by MeggieSoft Games supports both online and computer-based play like those clients. Like those clients, you can choose whether to play against the computer or against human players, all from the same game. In Canasta by MeggieSoft Games, there are three levels of skill, which is not quite as good as other software. Human opponents, on the other hand, come in all skill levels and can be found via the Internet or on a LAN, which can lead to quicker play than the Internet to play.

Where Canasta by MeggieSoft Games makes its mark is in its clean graphics which, while not as stunning as other card games do look nice. Also, their user interface is well suited to helping new players with the game.

CANASTA Card Game From Special K 3.5 (

Canasta Card Game is another downloadable client that lets you play Canasta games. However, amongst all of the games, Special K’s game is by far and away the least attractive of the five downloadable clients. None of the Canasta games that are available for download have the same level of attractive graphics found in more popular card games. Even the free Windows Hearts and Spades games are works of art by comparison. However, the game has the longest trial period of any of them (two weeks time) and the price should be less than other shareware games. Also, the game does support up to 5 opponents. It also boasts a comprehensive help file which gives new players insights into Canasta strategy and helps them become expert players quickly.