Free Spades

The Internet does a lot of things well, including offering a large number of places to find free Spades. Dozens of sites offer at least a few free Spades rooms which cost nothing but a little time to sign up for an account at the site and maybe clicking on a link in an activation email. Even hosting a Spades party at your house isn’t that cheap since you’d have to buy drinks and snacks for everyone else. With free spades online, you only buy for yourself.

Of course, the problem with there being so many free Spades sites is that there are a lot of free Spades sites. It’s hard to know which ones have a large community of available players and which ones are smaller and to know which ones have great user experiences and which ones are lacking.

Here are five sites you can go to for free Spades and be pretty sure you are going to have a good time.

MSN Spades

In the realm of online Spades, not just free Spades, MSN Spades is the best.  Playing spades online is always free to anyone that has an MSN/Hotmail account. If you don’t have one of those accounts (and you probably should if you have Windows installed on your computer), have no fear. Signup for an account is free and painless.

Once you sign up, you will have access to a huge, vibrant free Spades community, full of players looking for a game. In fact, if you check out the site, you will notice that there are always thousands of players online just playing MSN Spades. That doesn’t include the size of the rest of the MSN community that might stop by for a game of free Spades. Of course, with a pool of players that large, there will be people of different skill levels so if you are just starting out, you can play other new players. If you are a hardcore player, you can find other hardcore players to give yourself a challenge. Also, in addition to playing humans, if you just want to play free Spades, you can play against the computer as well.

As an added bonus, MSN’s software is also some of the best for playing free spades. MSN Spades features a clean interface with attractive graphics and a number of different options that make playing online easier. The software also has a match finder which will get you a game at your skill level quickly. Also nice, MSN Spades features four variants of Spades: Short, Suicide, Mirror, and Whiz for many different varieties of game play.


In the world of free Spades, MSN rides high, but Yahoo! is a very close second. However, it comes in second on the list because with the site, you get some good and some bad. The good part of Yahoo! is the number of players looking for a game at any one time. Yahoo! has been offering online card games for many years and is a trusted name in online cards. The large number of players online trying to get a game started at any one time proves that.

When it comes to navigating that huge number of players online, Yahoo! also has a nice feature where it divides its free Spades rooms up according to skill level. If you want a Social game, go to the Social rooms. If you want an Advanced game against other highly skilled players, go to the Advanced rooms. The good news is you will find players looking for a game in all of the various levels. That’s definitely a good thing.

However, there’s the not so good part: the user interface for the game itself. It’s true that Yahoo! has been around for years, and their game software is proof. It’s not very pretty and it looks the same as it did years ago. That’s okay in terms of the stability of the software, but it does make the game more difficult to play than, say, MSN, because it is clunky and generally feels antiquated. With that said, Yahoo! is not hard to play per se. It’s just not as streamlined. is another online site which specializes in offering online games for free to its users, including free Spades. All you have to do is sign up for a account and then go to the Spades area to start playing. is nice because the site has an active user community, many of whom log in to earn money playing one of the site’s games which offer cash prizes for playing. The one drawback for is the limited number of rooms to play. There are only two fun rooms which allow free play and two tournament rooms. That is a far cry from MSN and Yahoo!’s number of rooms. is an interesting site that has been around since 1999 that offers a number of online games for free. Signing up to the site takes seconds and then you get into the game and start playing free Spades or other free games of skill. However, once you get tired of playing free Spades, you can then go on and fund your account. That funding allows you to buy into fee tournaments which can earn you cash prizes if you are the winner. Therefore, it is a free Spades site. However, the game has options so that you can pay money and earn it all back in various tournaments. is a free Spades site that, sadly, looks like a free Spades site. It’s not very pretty, it’s not even a .com, and it might look a little sophomoric. However, do not judge a book by its cover. The download of Cyber Spades is completely free and allows you to get playing quickly without signing up for a site or dealing with advertising. All you have to do is install the client, select a username, and start playing free Spades with a user interface that looks nothing like a free Spades client.

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